Our Story

Sterling Coaching Solutions, LLC

We are business execution consultants that focus on delivering solid, disciplined, consistant outcomes.  After seperating from the Army, and spending nearly twenty years in corporate management and earning a doctorate in executive leadership development, Sterling Jasper launched Sterling Coaching Solutions in 2008. Sterling has surrounded himself with other military professionals because they share his discipline, flexibility and work ethic.  We are small and we care about our craft.  Being independent gives us the freedom to create great solutions the way that we believe is best for our clients.  No compromises, no shortcuts.

Our Process

Our collaborative working processes has always be unapologetically thorough and decidedly unflashy. We partner with our clients, building lasting relationships while taking the time to fully assess their evolving business circumstances before crafting a meticulous proposal. We believe that our stragegy execution know-how help leaders discover how to inspire trust and build credibility with their people, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align the best systems to help your organization acheive its most critical priorities.

Our Culture

Our adaptive leadership methodology help business executives cope with increasing unpredictable working environments.  Using a four step process, our strategic execution framework, rooted in operational experience, allow us to relate and coach business executives and personnel from our vast leadership experiences.

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