Effective Organizations, Turn Strategy Into Great Results

The idea that execution is distinct from strategy is commonly held among many in Corporate America.

"A mediocre strategy well executed is better than a great strategy poorly executed".  This is a flawed assumption.  

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The best execution enabler start with a cascade of better choices through empowered workers.

Can you predict your organization's execution success? We can!!

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Our Programs  

Face any business execution challenges with our Individuals, Managers or Leaders essential leadership programs:

  • Leadership & Change
  • Managing People
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Execution
  • Change Management
  • And more...

Intuition is no substitute for information!!!

Delivery Methods

Custom Programs
Clients have unique learning needs. Sterling Coaching Solutions can customize learning offerings - Click here to learn more.
On-Site Consulting and Training
Our consultants each represent years of corporate experience and tailor training, consulting and participant material to represent your firms needs.Click here to learn more.
Interactive and Blended Learning
Many organizations with global work-forces require portable approaches to delivering training. We offer on line coupled with e-learning options to meet these demands.Click here to learn more.
Client Facilitator Training
Our client train the trainer programs are great for organizations seeking cost-effective ways to train large remote populations of personnel.Click here to learn more.

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What: Change Management Coaching Worshop

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Where: New York, NY

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Individual Professionals


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Coaching for Effective Leadership

Our Executive Coaching Programs -

Inspire hope.

Impact Organizations.

Change the World.

One-on-One Executive Coaching Programs
You're the Boss Taking your career to the next level - Leadership returns where ROI means "Really Obvious Investment" A must have investment for superior performance results Click here to learn more.
Group Coaching Programs
Group programs - aligning behaviors with actions. High performing teams start with high performing individuals. Team coaching can develop a team environment that fosters synergy. Click here to learn more.
Sales Coaching
Empowering sales forces to navigate common restraining forces is key to successful organizations with global work-forces. Click here to learn more.
Key Note Speeches
Need to get the troops fired up - talk to us about your organizational goals. We can help you deliver the message.Click here to learn more.

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